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Sphyrna massage ball brings you most easy and effective massage for pain RELIEF


Peanut Massage Ball Features:

- Sphyrna massage ball is a robust therapeutic massage ball which relief the body’s individual pain during use to boost circulation, relax muscles and provide relief from tension.

- Using lacrosse ball to massage tired aching muscles to effectively improve blood flow and reduce muscular pain and discomfort providing relief to the neck, shoulders, spine, arms, back, hip, IT bands, legs and feet, etc.

- Ergonomic contoured design is perfect for massaging muscles, targeted pressure points and working the tissues around the spine to relax back muscles and ease away aches and pains.


- Enhance coordination and balance and improve flexibility.

- Increases blood flow to promote healing.

- Washable and easy to use and clean.

- A great exercise alternative for any age and fitness level.

- Small enough to take with you anywhere. Can be performed before or after your workout, as well as any time throughout the day.

- Ideal professional design for fitness club, home or gym center.

Shoulder Massage

Lie down on the floor, position the ball directly into the floor or wall, press your back into the ball and perform motions until you start to feel relief.

Forearm Massage

Hold the ball in one hand and role it up and down the forearm, or place the ball on a desk or other flat surface and rest your forearm over the ball to run it.

Leg Massage

Lie down on the floor and place the ball underneath your calves. Use your body to gently move the ball around. You can move it in any direction that’s comfortable and provides relief





Foot Massage

Place the lacrosse ball under the arch of your bare foot and begin rolling over it. The ball will provide instant relief from tight arches and also help those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Hip Massage

In a standing position, rest the lacrosse ball between your hip and a wall with the ball directly over the area you are experiencing pain. Press your hip into the wall and begin performing motions in and around the area

Upper Back Massage

Using your legs, move your body forwards, backwards or side to side to massage tight areas. Breathe normally keeping your back and neck relaxed. Repeat this process for 15 – 90 seconds provided it is comfortable and does not cause pain.





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